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“Well I am doing good, all I have to do is look at people with soothers in their mouths! You know if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have probably done it ages ago. That is why I think you really have revolutionized a system to help the mass to quit smoking! You are a threat to cigarette companies... Wanted ... Dead or Alive... Barbara Miller for the murder of the Tobacco Industry!”
Cary Moore

“I am so excited. Before I tried Barbara's plan and method, I never thought I could go four hours with out a cigarette, now I know I can. Barbara showed me how to get to this point.”
Crissy. Anolik

“I was 14 when I started smoking. I started because I wanted to fit in. When it was time to quit I tried every thing. Nothing worked until Barb introduced me to her program. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was desperate to break the chain so I tried it out. It worked: it really works! I am now two years smoke free!!!! And I love it. Thank you very much Barb. I have my life back the way it should be. I owe you every thing.”
Jeff Gregory

“Hi Barb,

I was able to quit smoking using the BMP Method. I received more info and a better understanding on how to quit smoking from your 8-hour course than I did from the Military 'Butt Out' Program that consisted of weekly group meeting for 10 weeks. Thank you so much!”

“I have tried many different ways to quit smoking and nothing has ever worked for me. The patches, the gum and the pills. I have tried them all. All I got from those things were sleepless nights, an upset stomach or just the worst taste in my mouth. Also I experienced high stress and anger. I never seemed able to get smoking out of my mind. I really talked a good talk but I never was able to get over the top.

One February of 1999, some friends of mine and I were outside having a smoke during an industry function. When we came back into the building, I made a remark that I really wished I could quit. As I was saying this we passed a lady who was standing there and she commented that I should try her method. That stopped me with the utmost curiosity. She then explained her method. I took her card and left. Curiosity made me go back and talk to her about what she had just said and she started to explain to me and several of my friends what B.M.P. Method was all about. She really got my attention.

I kept thinking about what she has said to me and her program was not like any of the rest. She supports and coaches you throughout the program. When she told me that I could keep on smoking while doing the program, I thought that would be great. Well, she was right. I did continue to smoke as I stayed with the program and I am happy to say that I have not had a cigarette in 22 days. Not very long you say? Well, for a guy who has smoked 30-40 cigarettes everyday for the past 30 years, I’ll tell you that 22 days is a very long time.

I know now that in another 22 days it will be 44 days since I quit. I found Barbara Miller’s Method made quitting smoking easier than I thought possible. Barb's Method worked for me, and those people who want to quit should take a look at Barbs plan. Up until the night I met Barb in early February 1999, I thought I would go through the rest of my life being a smoker. I feel I owe her so very much for being herself and for what both she and B.M.P. Method have given me. I am 49 years old and I feel that I have been given a second chance on life. I intend to enjoy my new life and a non-smoker to the fullest.

I am a satisfied client and highly recommend her method. “Barb’s Plan” worked and will continue to work for me.

Thank you Barb,
I owe you so much.”
Brian Mons

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