Eliminating the Suffering, Guaranteed

The One Day Workshop
For Groups & Individuals

Workshops are in various locations and cities. They are 8 hours with 2-15 minute breaks and a 30-minute catered lunch. There are other opportunities for individual short breaks.

These workshops are fun, interactive, full of humour and contain no charts, graphs or scare tactics.
Rate per person: $499
spouse 50% off

Call in Victoria BC 250 383-9087
Out of town

Home Study Edition
Individual Package or Wholesale

Package contains:
The book How to Quit Smoking: Even If You Don’t Want To
DVD “The Choices You Make” (17 min)
Free 30 min Certificate for support (call toll free)
Cost is $499.00
Shipping outside of Victoria BC Canada: $9.99

The Book

How To Quit Smoking: Even If You Don’t Want To

This is great if you are self motivated and a self starter.

The main difference between the book and workshop is in the workshop all the brainstorming exercise are done in one day and the facilitator is there to help you in person with any questions.
Cost: $19.99 includes applicable tax
Shipping $5.99 or C.O.D.

Call in Victoria BC 250 383-9087
Out of town 1- 866-383-9087

Employee Health Benefit Package

To help your employees live longer

You may already have this type of medical coverage for your staff. If you do not, consider emailing Michael Sider at Freedom 55 Financial, or phone him at (250) 475-1100 ext. 403 in Victoria, BC.

He can show you how you can implement this type of medical coverage and could even save you thousands of dollars with this type of program in place. I have educated myself with what he and his partners are doing and I highly recommend this.

Once you have this in place, feel free to contact me for the best available package.

If you do not wish to go in this direction, you can do what the Vancouver Island Health Authority has done and implement this as an educational program.

There is the Book, Home Study Edition and the Workshop or even a combination of all three, depending on your company or organization’s budget.

I would be happy to discuss this with you. BMP Productions and Barbara Miller are happy to travel.

Small and Big business Health Benefit Package

Helping staff at all levels are great companies offing the BMP Method to those considering quitting smoking. This program is good for those who say they don’t want to quit, are not ready to quit as well as those who are.

This program is very unique in that it is the only one that addresses all levels of readiness. It will show exactly how to move from one level of readiness to another.

There are many reasons why a company or organizations get involved. One of the main reasons is the overall concern for the well-being of their personnel. Some realize that the average smoker’s extended smoke breaks are equivalent to twelve working days of pay per year. Productivity is another concern.

If you are considering having BMP Productions for your smokers contact Barbara to find out what program suits your organization. There are corporate discounts given and wholesale opportunities for big and small.

Also see this information to help you set up a program for your employees.

Workshop in your area

What city or town are you in? BMP PRODUCTIONS will come to your town.
All you need to do is send us an email with

* your name
* location
* phone number

We will get in touch to discuss your needs.
(All information and emails are held in strict confidence.)


BMP Productions offers support for those who have taken the workshop and the Home Study Edition. Just contact us.

There is a forum for participants to chat with each other as well as with Barbara or other trained facilitators.

If you have only the book and are having problems it is recommended that you take the workshop. It is an experience that gives an in-depth look at all problems related to quitting smoking. Or call for one-on-one coaching at $69/hour (no minimum time). Contact us

Career Opportunities

When you quit smoking using the BMP method you qualify to teach this method. You must have been smoke free for at least six months.

Translators will be needed soon. What language could you write this book in?

Would you like to retail this book in your store? Wholesale opportunities are available.

Call in Victoria BC 250 383-9087
Out of town 1- 866-383-9087
Send an Email.

Wholesale Opportunity

Book stores welcome.

Many other companies could also market this book.

Even if you are not a book store consider merchandising this book for your customers. You will be able to keep them as customers longer!

Please contact for wholesale prices.

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Quit smoking with the BMP Method by Barbara Miller.
Uniquely effective - even when you don't "want" to quit!