The Solution: It's Within Your Reach

Learn the physiological approach to quitting smoking.

* Find out how to make quitting smoking easier than you ever thought possible.
* Figure out when the best time to quit is and how to get ready.
* Learn how to want to want to quit — and so much more!
The plan will show you how to get ready to quit; when the best time to quit is and why cold turkey is not recommended.

For those who say they don’t want to quit I think that is the addiction talking and that there is a part of you that would like to quit. You would like to do it without all the agony and tortuous pain that is often associated with quitting.

You can do it with this plan and method.

I often tell smokers they do not have to want to quit smoking but they do have to want to change something about the way they make decisions. This program goes into great detail about how to radically change the thought process that is often keeping you addicted. Once this foundation has been reprogrammed you will be operating on a more empowering system and therefore you will be able to make better decisions for yourself. (In fact, this works on any thing you would like to change in your life.)

This method shows you how to focus on what is possible and not what you believe to be impossible.

The BMP Method was created for all degrees of readiness.

What the BMP Method is Not

* Cold Turkey
* A magic pill
* A quick fix
* Drugs
* Gimmicks
* Tricks

What the BMP Method IS, and what it will help you do

* The BMP Method shows why in the past quitting was too hard, and breaks the myth that quitting smoking is too difficult.
* It shows you HOW TO WANT to quit and how to get ready.
* You’ll know when you are ready and exactly what to do.
* You’ll have step-by-step plan designed for YOU.
* You will be able to remove all obstacles that make quitting difficult.
* You can become a happy non-smoker rather than going through fits of anger.
* You’ll learn how to develop will power - easily.
* You’ll be able to eliminate 75% of psychological withdrawal symptoms and 98% of physical symptoms.
* BMP will help you develop discipline, and shows you how to create anticipation instead of dread!
* The BMP Method uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming combined with a New Age approach to self hypnosis.
* It creates a tool that will help in remembering all the new information covered.
* You learn how to deal with the last pack of cigarettes and be how to be free of smoking - forever!

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Quit smoking with the BMP Method by Barbara Miller.
Uniquely effective - even when you don't "want" to quit!