I donít care if I live or die

If this sounds like something you would say or think, then quitting smoking is not your main concern. Finding a way to care about yourself and your life is. I really understand where you are coming from with this thinking. I owned this thought process for many years. There is only one way out. The other way is simply not an option.

What if you were to die? What if you end up having all the same issues on the other side? What if you become reborn just to have to deal with it all over again? We are all here for a reason and you may not care right now, but I want you to know that I will care for you, until you can care for yourself on your own.

The best way I can do that is to tell you two things:

1) The dark corner of despair that you may be feeling causes you to think that the only way out is to die. Don’t believe that. It is not true. When I was there, I prayed to God for some help and what came back to me was this:

Believe in the bigger picture even though you cannot see it right now.

You don’t really want to die. You just want the pain to stop. There is another way to achieve this.

2) Adversity causes pain. Pain is often not dealt with and pushed away and we say, “I’ll deal with that later.” That is called ‘stuffing’ and many people are good at it.

Stuffing has its limits. It causes depression.

My friend, once you have reached this place, there is no way around it. You cannot go under it or over it; you need to go right through it. To do that, you need to release the locked-in pain. Get mad, smash something or cry like a baby and in so doing, you will be releasing what it is you have stored up. It is very therapeutic.

There is only one rule: No one gets hurt.

There is a time and a place to go though this. Medication for depression will help your brain chemistry to level out and help you cope with whatever is going on in your life today. Once you stabilize your circumstances, come off the medication and develop some coping skills, you will be ready to go through the darkest corners of despair and come out the other side; reborn, whole and all suffering will cease.

Our society seems to not value human emotion enough. Do not be ashamed of your pain and how you feel. It is in feeling it that we heal. Let it out but remember two things:

1. No one gets hurt

When you are sitting there all alone in the dark:

2. Believe in the bigger picture even though you cannot see it.

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