Employee Health Benefit

You may have this type of medical coverage for your staff. If you do not, consider contacting Michael Sider.
You can phone him at 250-475-1100 Ext.251 in Victoria, BC.
Or you can email him directly, by clicking here..

He can show you how you can implement this type of medical coverage and could even save you thousands of dollars with this type of program in place. I have educated myself with what he and his partners are doing and I highly recommend this.

Once you have this in place, feel free to contact me for the best available package.

If you do not wish to go in this direction, you can do what the Vancouver Island Health Authority has done and implement this as an educational program.

There is the Book, Home Study Edition and the Workshop or even a combination of all three, depending on your company or organization’s budget.

I would be happy to discuss this with you.
BMP Productions will travel.