Participant Comments

Participants were asked “What did you like best about this workshop?”
Some of the comments are as follows:

“Barbara’s humor, honesty and directness.”
“The material built upon itself and I was able to “see” what I’m addicted too”
“It helps you feel empowered to really make it happen”
“It is based on a belief system and not a simple chemical fix”
“Gentle approach, music/fun/sense of humor”
“New way to see this addiction”
“Gives specific but personal tools to use”
“Lots of new insights about myself and beliefs”
“It was a great day”
“I liked the facilitator, Barbara Miller”
“The fact that I don’t have to quit right away, but prepare”
“The BMP Program just makes sense”
“This workshop changed the way I think”
“I am excited about working towards being healthy”
“The examples, stories, and visual aspects - I loved how it was not boring and mundane”
“Barbara passed on her excitement and fun”
“Well explained, well thought of and good practical exercises”
“Info-tools to utilize”
“The ease of quitting”
“I enjoyed Barbara and found her very down-to-earth and real”
“Very personal instructor, very useful info”
“Looking forward to putting the BMP Method in place”
“It made a lot of sense, great instruction and great instructor”
“It was very informative, easy to understand - new ideas. Never before did I think about old beliefs vs new beliefs”
“Great sense of humor”
“Instructor was informative and encouraging”
“I liked how it personalized to your own thoughts and feelings”
“The innovative ideas based on personal experience and the use of common language to explain concepts - the empowerment focus”
“It was non-threatening. I know I can quit smoking. I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to becoming a non-smoker”
“Good speaker, relaxed, small group”
“I liked most of the realization that I thought of with the help of BMP Method”
“Great presentation, good handouts”
“Practical. Useful information”
“Realizing I can quit”
“Gave me the ability to realize all the thoughts I have had about quitting smoking and smoking in general, in a coherent and written way, that focuses them onto my ultimate goal of quitting”
“Positive attitude towards quitting smoking helps on redirecting your thoughts to achieve being a non-smoker”
“I liked the flexibility and the teaching method of managing stress, facing your weakness and realizing your strengths”
“I liked the advice re: making my own tape for support, and the advice re: how to cut down on cigarettes”
“Down to earth - say it as it is - personable teacher - during work hours”
“Writing my beliefs and do an audio to empower myself - this is all about finding myself, and I can do this and be proud of myself”
“The fact that this comes from within. No magic wand”
“I like the concrete tools that the BMP Programs provides and that Barbara is an ex-smoker who knows exactly what it is like.”
“Moved quickly - info was good - as a former addict I can relate to what was said”
“Presenter lively, engaging; didn’t condemn smoking.”
“I started today saying and thinking “I don’t really want to quit smoking even though I know I should.” I knew I would become a non-smoker. This truly surprised me. It is an honest and realistic method.”
“I liked the fact that Barbara was very down to earth with the rest of us. Even though she used to smoke, she does not cast judgment and does not try to “preach” her methods upon others. I also really enjoyed the songs that were played. The music is very powerful and uplifting”.