Excerpt from the book

“How To Quit Smoking: Even If You Don’t Want To”

They'll tell you that in order to quit smoking you have to want to. Well, I disagree. You must, however, admit you are willing to change. Quitting smoking is about changing, period. This book is about how to do it. I didn't want to quit smoking, I enjoyed it. What motivated me to change was I wanted to live a healthier life-style.

In order to change you must have a plan. What are you going to do first? This book is the master plan that will help you to get started. It can also help in other areas of your life you might like to change.

The first segment allows you to continue to smoke while you examine several things such as looking at your reasons for smoking and what could motivate you to change. Also, what do you find is the most difficult part of quitting? That question and more are dealt with. You will learn how to be a happy nonsmoker, when the best time to quit is and the first part of getting ready for the change. Getting ready is an important part of this program. How can you do anything if you are not ready?

In the second segment I'll tell you one of my favorite secrets, one I highly recommend, even though many quit smoking programs do the opposite. I guess I 'm a rebel. This secret can help you deal with approximately 75% of your withdrawal episodes. You'll have to trust me on this one. Try it and you'll see that I'm right. Also in this segment you'll learn why many smokers procrastinate and you'll learn about will power. You don't have to worry if you don't have any because I'll show you how to get it, grow it and fine-tune it. You'll have to look at and examine your beliefs that make you who you are. It's amazing how beliefs impact our life. I enjoy smoking is a very destructive belief. I'll show you how changing beliefs can change your life. This is not complicated and can be fun and enlightening. You will uncover what really motivates you. I will also share one of my most powerful visualization strategies that did wonders for my motivation. It scared the heck out of me! At this point you will anticipate quitting.

This part of my program is where you will learn about the power of suggestion and self-hypnosis. For those skeptics out there, please give this a chance because it's different from what you might expect. This whole program is about learning and changing from within. When you're finished you will end up with a one of a kind product made for you and by you. Throughout this program you will have to do several exercises that will give you all the information you need to make your own recorded tape.

Yes that's right. You'll need to make a tape that will have all the information you need to successfully stop smoking. Your voice will be in the form of you talking in a hypnotic tone. The reason this tool is so effective is because you will be in a very relaxed state of mind. You will be talking to you, the "you" you want to become. I will show you how to make real what you want to be real and make true what you want to be true.

One of my best examples is on my tape. I told myself that the smell of smoke wouldn't bother me. Well, it's true. The smell does not bother me. I also put on my tape "I never really enjoyed smoking." The subconscious does not know the difference between the truth and a lie. In this segment I'll give you all the information on how to make a powerful, self-designed, self-hypnotic tape that you will listen to when you are ready to quit smoking. It will in fact be the most effective tool you'll need to get you through the tough times. When you're finished all the exercises in this book you'll have something concrete you can carry with you.

Because this is not a cold turkey program you will have a formula for your final days as a smoker. This powerful formula makes quitting more comfortable than you could ever imagine. So do not dread quitting. By the time you get to this part you'll see and feel how easy it can be. I hope along the way you enjoy my humor.

In part four you'll find my personal story, including some of my exercises. As well there is an inspirational story and some comments I hope will motivate you. For those of you who say you don't want to quit smoking please turn to page 44. I understand how you feel about not wanting to quit. This section will shape you into the person who will choose to make empowering decisions.

When you have finished all the exercises in this section start back at the beginning of this book. For those of you with even a small desire to quit, please read this book in the order it was written, as this is a step by step plan that start now.

Good luck, get ready and hang on. You're going on a ride that will change everything!

Quit smoking with the BMP Method by Barbara Miller.
Uniquely effective - even when you don't "want" to quit!