Professional Bio

Taking personal experience and making a career out of it is Barbara Miller. A former pack and a half smoker, who also said, “I like Smoking. I don’t want to quit.” That many years ago. Barbara has been smoke free with no relapses and found quitting smoking not as difficult as the mass population believes.

She has appeared in The Victoria Times Colonist News Jan 14th 2006 with the headline: Butting-Out Becomes a Full-time Occupation by Carla Wilson. Barbara has devoted her life to showing others how quitting smoking can be made easier than the current beliefs.

Barbara has appeared in numerous news and events columns. Achieving television exposure, by appearing on the A-Channel Morning Show on Feb 7th 2006 with Bruce Williams as the host, was a great milestone.

March of 2007 Barbara made the 5:30 News on Ch6 with Veronica Cooper. The segment interviewed successful workshop participants who have quit smoking.

Dec. 4th 2007 Barbara appeared as a guest on CFax 1070 with the host Murray Langdon. The 30-minute segment included phone in callers.

People are taking Barbara Miller and the BMP Method seriously. With Barbara’s help; people are quitting smoking: This plan and method works. As one testimonial puts it…

“You know if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have probably done it ages ago. That is why I think you really have revolutionized a system to help the mass quit smoking! You are a threat to cigarette companies.... Wanted …Dead or Alive...Barbara Miller for the Murder of the Tobacco Industry!” Cary Moore

In July of 2006 Barbara became the #1 all time best seller with her e-book edition, despite limited marketing. 

Barbara is a true pioneer. Her personal inspirational and triumphant story of hardships and success was published in the book Think Life By Dr. Lana Marconi, Chapter 4 page 25 in November 2006. (isbn: 0-937229-7-5)