The Power is Yours

Have you ever felt disempowered?

Feeling a little helpless? This is something I am familiar with. I have found by experience that these feelings are usually accompanied by an inability to make a decision. It could be something one is procrastinating about, something based on fear, indecisiveness or just plain avoidance by seeming to be too busy. Did I cover all the excuses we use to put off making a decision?

So why do we torture ourselves with this? We know on an intellectual level sooner or later a decision will be made. Obviously not to decide is to decide. Think about it… Do you want to go to a movie at 9 PM? If you have not decided you are going by 9:10 PM then you decided not to go. One option was simply taken out of the equation. The question is do we exercise the power to decide on our own or do we decide by default? Do we run out of time or does someone decide for us? Do opportunities fall by the wayside because we did not act fast enough?

Some decisions are simple to make; others we have to weigh more carefully. Some can change the face of your life, as you know it. Some can be deadly.

When I was much younger I was terrified of making mistakes so I would agonize over a situation for a long time. Then I learned that it was okay to make a mistake! Wow! Was this new information helpful? I was under the impression that I would burn in hell if I screwed up! I was also terrified of looking stupid. Once I had those two things out of the way I was home free!

It occurred to me the other day the impact that one decision could have.

I decided to read self help books when I was 17. I kept on reading. Now it has been 20 years of "deep stuff". It has shaped me into the person I dreamed I would be. The original decision was compounded year after year. I was walking down by the ocean one day and it occurred to me what a powerful thing it is to make just one tiny little decision. I would not be the person I am today if I had not made that decision. I shudder to think what my fate would have been otherwise.

Some wise man once told me when I was fourteen, "Barbara, if you do anything in this world, you must read". I did. He was right! So I must pass on his words of wisdom and say, “If you do anything in this world you must read”. See, you made the decision to read this article and in it I hope you found the POWER.

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