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One Day FUN Interactive Bootcamp Please enquire about group rates.

August 14th 9: 00-AM 7:00 PM
August 15th 9:00 AM-7:00 PM

The first 5 lucky people to register get 25% off $299.00
Includes lunch, coffee, tea and snacks- Free Parking at 1095 McKenzie Ave 3rd floor
Special one-to-one confidential and private booking are available
to celebrities and others who wish to remain anonymous.

Stay tuned for  the Vancouver  live 3 day event for an intimate setting for maximim of 108 people-

Ask about the money back guarantee 

If you need this day off and financing, talk to your employer as many companies offer this type of support.


Eliminating the Suffering, Guaranteed

Which sentence is true for YOU?

The biggest myth ever - Nicotine is as difficult to quit as heroin.

The facts are:
Nicotine is AS addictive, but NOT as difficult to quit.
You can die coming off heroin.
You will not need an ambulance when coming off of nicotine!

We offer:

* Programs for companies
* One-on-one instruction, consultation and support
* Workshops
* The Home Study Course
* The Book: “How To Quit Smoking: Even If You Don’t Want To”

I’m ready to help you quit. LET’S GO FOR IT!

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